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The Scientology Cross

I just recently underwent a divorce situation, and I was in a quandary as to how I would proceed with the rest of my life. I desperately wanted to find a way that I could make better choices in my career/business and personal life. Hence, I was determined to seek help.

The Life Repair Program enhanced my understanding of the methods and goals of Scientology. It showed me how I could make better decisions using the optimum solution strategy, how to be more causative than reactive to different situations that were impacting me in a negative way, and how to possibly avoid the mood swings that I have lately been experiencing in greater frequency.

I would like to thank Paulette who delivered the program for being so professional and ethical.

Ms. O.U.

Being a parent is not the easiest thing in the world(understatement), especially when the “kid” is 16 years old. My daughter had gotten to the point of refusing all help or advice or any efforts to control her and her actions (even though everything was done or offered for her own benefit). My daughter was pretty upset and hostile due to all the things going on in her life that were out of her control. That is why my husband and I turned to you as an auditor who loves to work with young people. By our own efforts and several sessions of your ethics handling and auditing* , my daughter has blossomed into an upbeat, confident, responsible adult and is happy again.

Thank you Paulette, for all your care and help and for applying Mr. Hubbard’s tech to her.

Mrs. W.J.

definition of auditing: a unique method of personal counselling

September 15, 2005

How Auditing has benefited my business...

Actually, I had to really give this matter some serious thought before setting my pen to this answer, since I believe it is worthy to give others some of my experience that may help them to build or rebuild their personal life or business. I can say with sincere honesty that the gains I have experienced till now, were both surprising as well as beneficial. Here's why..

For those people like myself, that are in their own business, they will agree that the world has pretty much changed after 9/11. It was a rude awakening for many, I am sure. Profits dropped, new business in general is much tougher now to secure, etc., so the picture looks bleak at best and our struggle for survival ensues.

My business is international based and if there is anyone who knows all about change..well I think I fit the bill. The world is so much smaller now than ever before, and we all find that other countries such as Iraq, China etc. pretty much affect us in our own environment more than ever in the history of the western civilization. Today, the winds of change in business are much more transient and unsettling than ever. If you are ill-prepared for these shocks or changes, well there is a good chance your business may just become another statistic. The business person today has to be smarter and better then ever … and in my opinion, much more at cause with his/her environment.

Well how can one be smarter or better given the condition of our reactive minds? If I were not to take any action towards improvement in that area, and thus increase my own IQ etc, (available thru Auditing) I could only expect to have more or less of the same struggles in life, with the same results … and this definitely is not in my plans.

I also believe that each of us have created certain decisions in the past, keeping in mind, they were designed with a full reactive mind in play. Now, after receiving some intensive Auditing from Paulette, I sense the level of my reactive mind has diminished markedly, and as a result, any past decisions that don't seem to fit anymore in my life are being modified quickly or simply removed. In fact, I recently discovered some past decision I had made, which took up loads of my time, money etc. After some careful review, I found they really did not make me much money or progress, so today I confronted them and made some major adjustments. The funny thing is that I am positive today, scratch that, I am 100% correct about my decisions … no more guessing or unrewarding trials by error!

In conclusion, I can attest to the fact that my decisions today are much more sound and effective. This is really what we need if our business is to expand and prosper. These are just a few reasons why Auditing is important to me and how it has benefited my business.
Sound decisions = prosperity. And business is built on that very simple datum.

The only way is up from here !

Jim Brion (Pres)
3105-9 Unity Drive, Mississauga
ON, Canada,  L5L 4L2

My awareness level has gone way up and, if I may be so humble to say, I feel my IQ and self confidence levels have both seen a 'marked' improvement overall.
During the process of Book 1 and Life Repair, I can say that it all has been quite enjoyable and rewarding. I feel today that I am more able, more ethical and more at cause with my environment. The ups and downs in life have diminished"


"Auditing* - It Rocks!"
G.G 12 years old

*definition of auditing: a unique method of personal counselling

"Auditing is the solution to life."
D.G. 7 years old

"I was very pleased to observe the increased communication level in my son during and after his auditing. He has often been sullen and given to communicating in grunts and low voice half sentences. At such times originations are rare as are smile. His auditing snapped him out of this very rapidly. He became bright, playful, much more communicative and interested. I found him taking responsibility for the chores without being reminded. He generally started brightening the house rather than wandering it like a small wayward thundercloud. My son is extremely bright, creative and fun when he is himself. He is currently going through a difficult age and it had become uncomfortably rare to see the real him. i am very pleased and grateful to have him back."

As a parent, I realized that the emotional level of the family is caused by the children as well as the parents. It is very important to get all members of the family going in the same direction and all winning. We are now achieving that."

"Paulette, my son has been doing so well since you have been auditing him. He's happier with improved communication. He isn't constantly upset. I sincerely thank you for all you have done."

I feel high. I want to get all the processes that exist."
G.G 6 years

I had fun in tonight's session. It feels like the more and more auditing I get I feel better and my life gets better. Me and my mom are getting along much better ever since I started getting auditing."
J.T. 11 years

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