Photos of people that Paulette has audited
The Scientology Cross

"I made it to the NHL but Scientology has made me more successful. It has given me an understanding of life and relationships that cleared up a lot of "advice" that I had before. And life is great!"
Dianetics helped me be more me. I injured everything inside and out that I could have, which slowed me down and changed my career but since Dianetics a lot of problems have cleared up that I thought I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life."  

Jere Gillis, NHL hockey player

After receiving some intensive auditing* from Paulette, I sense the level of my reactive mind has diminished markedly, and as a result , any past decisions that don’t seem to fit anymore in my life are being modified quickly or simply removed.

*definition of auditing: a unique method of personal counselling

Children learn how to learn.

Helping a teen

Working with parents

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